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Mobile Stage Hire is part of the Outdoor Stages company which is one of the most reputable and trusted stage hire companies in the UK.

This website will show a small section of what we have on offer in terms of mobile stage packages, sound packages, event lighting & LED video wall systems. This website was built due to the demand of a high quality medium sized arc roof mobile stage priced & packaged up neatly supplied by a trusted & reliable mobile stage hire company. Well you will see in our staging packages below we have tried to do our best to offer you exactly that, a no fuss, worry free stage hire experience ran by a can-do stage hire company with a lot of experience in this field.


Hire Your Mobile Stage, Sound & Lighting ALL from One Company

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Mobile Stage Hire can provide you with not just great looking outdoor covered stages but also your sound & lighting production. When you're planning an event or music festival of any size your time is key & keeping stress levels down always helps in making sure your festival runs smoothly. Dealing with just one event production company makes sense to a lot of our customers as you only need to speak with us when dealing with your artists requirements, stage lighting ideas and power requirements in a lot of cases.

Hiring the stage, sound & lighting from just one company also makes planning your logistics a lot easier as you know that everything is coming together & will be ready for your event to start on time. Nothing worse than building a stage and then anxiously waiting for the sound & lighting companies to turn up & make it all work... Always try & book festival stage, sound & lighting together.

We have a number of different sound systems suited to solve a number of different event solutions whether this is a distributed speaker system for small events which is very common for small local festivals where you have a small audience area in front of the stage but a large area that needs covering for safety announcements & stage timings. Or maybe you have booked a live band or DJ and you have been sent a technical ''rider'' or the artist requirements, well simply just forward this to one of our Mobile Stage Hire staff members & we can advise on what's the best route to take based on your budget & your artists wish list....

It's common for artists to send over completed sound & lighting technical requirements without any prior knowledge about the stage size, location of the festival site & any noise issues / off site sound restrictions that may need to be factored in.

So basically, what we are saying is whether you have a small 5 piece live acoustic or a large 14-piece world touring artist, mobile stage hire can assist with all of your sound requirements for your festival.

Next up to discuss is your stage lighting.... One of the first questions we will ask is whether your event is taking place in the day, evening or both and there is a good reason for this. If you have a daytime only event then there would be specific lighting fixtures that we would recommend as you'll need to use an effect which can be seen in daylight as opposed to Arial beam affects which are more suited to night-time festivals.

Using LED lighting fixtures can be a huge benefit for daytime shows as you can achieve a bright colour wash and it can be effective even on the brightest of days. Another popular option is LED video wall, LED video wall is a brilliant addition to any festival stage where you're looking to get your brand across or show your sponsors details and we offer some very well priced and packaged LED video wall packages for all of our stages.

We have lots of videos and pictures of all of our stages some with lighting and sound and some without lighting or sound. Our advice would be to flick through our Instagram page which can be found here on this website, find something that you like the look of and simply ask for a quote for that package. Sound packages, stage, lighting packages and video systems can be tailored to your budget & to the size of your event to meet your requirements and to give you the best bang for buck possible.

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Top 10 Questions & Useful Tips When Hiring A Stage For Your Festival


Welcome to our new site we are pleased to now be able to offer our staging services along with any sound or lighting requirements you may have. We are Surrey based but are happy to travel around the UK for all your outdoor and festival related needs.

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Stage Lighting for Your Next Event

Choosing stage lighting for your event is one of the most important elements to get right. At first glance, it may not seem as important as good acoustics or seating, but without a good stage light balance, your event can be too dark causing the audience to lose interest or not fully see whats on stage. Even if you’re not planning on having a major festival, or hosting a large audience, the stage lighting you choose could also add to the safety, look and feel of any occasion.

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Stage Planning For a Great Outdoor Event

Any large event requires a lot of attention to detail, however, most of those little things you worry about won’t even be noticed by your guests. Yet, when executed in the right way, that is an earmark of success. It means that your event went smoothly and was seamless in execution.

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Practical Advice for Choosing the Best Sound for Your Event

Whenever you are planning an outdoor event, careful attention to detail is essential. Because so many things can have an effect on how well it will turn out, it is important that you consider every aspect from every angle. One area that often suffers when an event is planned for outdoors is the sound system. Making the right decision is not always easy, especially if you don't have a lot of experience in understanding acoustics or other issues that can affect the sound quality.

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Stage Hire Packages

Popular stage, lighting & sound hire packages

Why Would You Hire A Mobile Trailer Stage Over Arc Roof Mobile Stage?

So, both mobile trailer stages & traditional hand-built mobile stages have their place in the event & festival industry but we would like to quickly (if possible) highlight some of the pros & cons to hiring a mobile trailer stage & a normal arc roof mobile stage system like what we use.

  • If your festival location is remote with bad access or access onto the ground isn't great with tight turns or maybe the ground is very soft due to rain the weeks before, you are going to find it hard to get a 35ft long, 14ft high, 10ft wide mobile trailer stage on the festival site - This is the biggest problem with mobile ''trailer'' stages that we have seen - If the access is great, the ground is dry & flat & no low bridges on route then the short answer is a mobile trailer stage is one to consider plus quick & easy to assemble (roughly 2 hours) but just be aware there have been some issues when trailer stages can't get onto site due to a mixture of the above, so the alternative arc roof mobile stage is the better option in our view as even if the festival ground is bad its nearly always possible to build the stage with the right amount of crew as the stage is in sections & can be moved by hand.

  • It seems to be people's perception that trailer stages are cheaper to hire than a normal hand-built arc roof mobile stage... Well we aren't sure why, as the average hire price for an 8-meter by 6-meter mobile trailer stage is around £2,900 without sound & lighting & sometimes its plus delivery of the stage to the festival location. Mobile Stage Hire offer a fully built 7-meter by 5-meter (internal stage size*) arc roof mobile stage with sound & lighting plus a 1-day technician for £3,499 including delivery, setup & collection of the stage within 50 miles Hampshire, Surrey or London. (Please note our mobile stage has an internal usable stage size of 7 meters by 5 meters but the overall / external size of the stage is 11 meters by 5 meters if you also hire stage PA wings otherwise its 7.5 meter by 6.2 meters without the stage PA wings)

  • One last thing to remember when you're weighing up the options between hiring a mobile trailer stage or an arc roof mobile stage is the actual usable stage deck area. A trailer stage can have a useable 8 meter by 6-meter stage area but be sure to check this as sometimes this isn't the case due to the trailer stage design & the manufacturing restrictions in place when trying to fit a self-folding stage onto a lorry vehicle. Whereas with our stages if we say that they are 7 meters by 5 meters, 10 meters by 8 meters or 12 meters by 10 meters that is always usable* stage area. *This is the usable staging area inside underneath the roof of the stage structure.

Thank you for Visiting Mobile Stage Hire

If you've got to this point of the website then congratulations that is a lot of information to read that's been written for a reason and that was to help you understand information is needed when you're looking to hire a mobile stage.

Like all good stage hire companies we get booked up roughly 9 months in advance this is not to say that we are unable to supply stages last minute because we do, but as any event organiser will know there are some key dates across May, June, July, August-September and then November for fireworks in December for Christmas lights switch on good solid stages/ safe stages are hard to come by. Unfortunately, it is an industry which to some degree is self-regulating, anybody can go buy a used stage structure and start building stages. This is very dangerous! research should be taken into consideration when selecting any supplier.

There is another assumption about stage hire companies is that we all have an abundance of stages stacked up on the shelf waiting to go out on hire, this is not true! Although there are two extremely large stage hire companies in Europe these two companies are currently in the world wide touring market so they are a complete level on from a 6m or 12m mobile stages.....

Well we hope you have learnt something from all the facts that we have detailed on this website about how to hire the stage, what sort of stage to hire, to payloads, wind calculations, ballast requirements, structural calculations through to what does it cost to hire a stage and when is the best time to book a stage. All this has been detailed for you hopefully making a decision of what stage company to use a little easier.