Stage Planning For a Great Outdoor Event

Any large event requires a lot of attention to detail, however, most of those little things you worry about won’t even be noticed by your guests. Yet, when executed in the right way, that is an earmark of success. It means that your event went smoothly and was seamless in execution.

Staging is just one of those elements that can make or break your event. Whether you’re planning a presentation, a stage performance, or an exhibit, there are key elements that must be in place for it to go well. This requires meticulous attention to every aspect. In order to make this happen, you might want to enlist the aid of our professionals here at Mobile Stage Hire to handle the many details that you might not have given much thought to. We are there to help make sure that you don’t miss anything when it comes to event planning, especially when it is an outdoor event.

Hire The Right Size Mobile Stage For Your Music Festival

The right choice of mobile stage is important in any event, but especially so when you plan to entertain your guests outdoors. Having the right size stage is essential to get things started off the right way. It may seem easy to just choose a large stage to make sure that you have enough space for all the essentials, but there is much more to making this decision than you might realize.

You will need a larger space if you are planning on having a live performance or a DJ to get your event running the right way. On the other hand, if you are planning a kick-off event for other activities, you could choose to have several smaller stages situated throughout the area. Always choose the stage based on how much it will be used. A stage that is too large can make your speakers appear dwarfed in size and a stage that is too small can make everything look crowded and can dampen the spirit of the event.

A Covered Mobile Stage Or Open Stage Deck & No Roof?

Another factor that can determine the type of stage you want is the weather. No one can know for sure what the weather will be for a scheduled date of your event. But when you’re outside, it is important that you prepare for any eventuality. Outdoor events often have a lot of variables that could affect the outcome, so the decision to have a stage covering is a great way to ensure that everything will go smoothly. While you may not wish to go for the added expense, at least consider getting a smaller portable tent covering to ensure that your presenters will not be soaked through in case of inclement weather.

Consider the Environment & Where The Mobile Stage Will Be Placed

The environment where you plan to put the mobile stage also needs to be evaluated. Line of sight needs to be uninterrupted so all the visitors can have a clear view of what is happening. Walk through the property and look at the surroundings. Are there trees, lamp posts, or other obstacles that could interrupt the view of the audience? Is the ground level, and is there easy access for loading and unloading equipment?

This information can help you to not only decide where you want to put your stage but also the type of stage you want to have. Make sure you ask your stage hire company to help you with engineered drawings that will show best placement options that can ensure that your event won’t be disrupted by elements out of your control like wind, rain, or crowds pressing in. Any one of those things could quickly bring your event down with a crashing halt.

By using a professional festival hire service, you can be confident that any event you plan, large or small, will not come to an unpleasant end that could be out of your control. No one wants to go through all the work of planning an event only to have lacklustre results because of any of these minor details. Making the right choice could mean all the difference in how well your event is received by its audience. It pays to get the assistance of a professional stage hire to make sure that your event turns out exactly as you expected it to be.